Much of our research incorporates fossils that we have collected ourselves. Lab members have collected fossils in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and South America. Currently, regular fieldwork is in the Triassic of the Chinle Formation and the Jurassic of the Morrison Formation (in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University and the American Museum of Natural History). 

01 Bhart Anjan Bhullar and Matt Davis on site 02.JPG

Anjan and former Gauthier Lab Ph.D. student Matt Davis excavating Jurassic vertebrates at Dinosaur National Monument, Utah

02 Bhart Anjan Bhullar and Matt Davis on site.JPG

Morrison Formation fossil quarry

03 Fruita vista night.JPG

Evening view from Jurassic site at Fruita, Colorado

04 Driefontein Jaw maybe.JPG

Posterior mandible of a reptile from the Early Triassic of Driefontein, South Africa

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